ViZion Gaming Glasses

About Us

Sometimes I see people make comments about ViZion Glasses as if its some massive corporation. But the reality is, I'm just one person who ran into a problem and found a real solution.

My name is Vageh Oskoeezadeh and as I began college I found myself staring at my computer screen a lot more than before. That, coupled with TV watching and video games resulted in some major eye strain by the end of the day. I wasn't sure what to do but found myself needing to glance away from my computer screen while studying for minutes at a time.

That's when I knew this was a real problem, it was beginning to impede my studies..

I started researching solutions applications and other ways of reducing harmful light while on the computer, but this didn't solve my eye strain problem from looking at televisions.

Further research helped me realize that it was likely that overexposure to blue light was what was causing my problem. Blue light comes from EVERYWHERE. Its naturally occurring, but is part of the day time light spectrum - so its unnatural and potentially harmful to sleep to be exposed to blue light at night.

Up until now I didn't even think about it but I was also getting awful sleep..

Ultimately I found glasses with a built in blue light filter, but honestly I was skeptical.

I ordered them and I was so amazed at how well they worked that, and so surprised that people weren't more educated on the topic of blue light and how it effects vision.

That thought showed me a gap in the marketplace where I could solve a problem on a wide scale.

Eye strain is a common issue specifically among people who play video games, watch a lot of TV, and use their computer a lot. This was the first problem to solve, and the glasses did a great job at this.

The next I saw was the pricing of blue light blocking glasses. Up until I founded ViZion Glasses, the most inexpensive pair of quality blue light blocking glasses was something like $60.

I knew it was the right decision when I saw those two problems being presented to me, and I think that's why ViZion Glasses saw such positive feedback upon launch.

That was back in 2016, and today ViZion Glasses are still helping thousands of people solve their eye strain annually.