ViZion Gaming Glasses

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Help Prevent Eye Fatigue

Starring at a screen for countless hours can reduce your performance, cause severe strain, headaches, and more. Vizion Glasses protect your eyes.

Heightened Depth Perception

Vizion’s lens color helps make your games appear brighter. This gives your game more contrast and enhances your depth perception, giving you an edge over your competition.

No Color Displacement

Color is crucial in games, our specialized lens won't cause any color displacement.

Stop Dangerous Blue Light Rays and Glare

There is a science behind our glasses. They are UV400 and designed to block out short blue wavelengths, which cause massive strain. Our Gaming Glasses offer unmatched protection.

Enhance Visuals 

Better contrast, brightness, and enhanced visual effects. Our glasses were created to enhance your gameplay's visual effects without any downfall. Yellowed lenses are superior to other models by not only blocking out all harmful rays, but also enhancing the color, and ultimately significantly improving your gameplay.