ViZion Gaming Glasses

Our Story

My name is Kyle. I am the founder of Vizion Glasses.

I've spent countless hours of my life gaming, and am someone who has faced the consequences. That being eye fatigue, strain, discomfort, and more. 

Can you blame me? When you're vigorously trying to finish a play through, quest, or in a competitive situation, you don't want to call it quits early. But at some point, I had to stop for the sake of my eyes.

That's when I thought of Vizion Glasses. I had seen other gaming glasses but couldn't afford them, so I decided to develop my own.

I created comfortable and affordable glasses that not only eliminated eye fatigue but looked cool. Every design choice and feature was meticulously selected based on my experience. I wanted Vizion to be the best option.

Now I'm here to share Vizion Glasses with the rest of the gaming world.