ViZion Gaming Glasses

Why Gaming Glasses

For people who have never tried wearing glasses while while on their computer, the idea might seem strange. However, it has become more common for people to protect their vision.

Here's the thing:

How many times have your eyes become strained, irritated or itchy while gaming for a few hours?

And when it happened, it sucked, right?

You're constantly rubbing your eye, you're squinting and overall, your experience is miserable. It effects your performance and eventually, you tap out and stop playing.

Vizion Glasses on the other hand prevent and combat this.

You see, it's actually pretty common to get headaches and eye pain while gaming. You're focused, you're making dozens of rapid eye movements every second, and you probably aren't blinking much.

While this is happening, the "blue light" from your monitor or screen are entering your iris, and causing some serious damage.

Your eyeballs are taking a beating.

And what do you do? You rub them a few times and try to shrug it off.

But if you were wearing Vizion Glasses, the UV400 lens would block these blue lights from entering your iris, allowing you to play longer and more comfortably.

No more blurred vision, pain or strain.

Better yet, Vizion Glasses also help make your games look brighter, providing better contrast without color distortion.

So while you're clocking in a few more hours than you usually would, you're also going to see better.

Oh and, the glasses themselves? They simply look badass. These glasses maintain the sleek and beautiful wayfarer shape that most people love.

Ready to get Vizion? Grab a pair now.